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THIS is enlightenment. As it is. Don’t take anything away from this moment and there you are. You are already “there”. “This” is how it feels, smells, sounds, thinks and is. You don’t even have to notice it nor to be conscious for it. You are always enlightened no matter how miserable you feel.

No words nor music nor any other form of communication could ever describe what enlightenment is like. There is no path towards it and it’s nothing you can attain, achieve or earn but it also doesn’t harm trying to attain, achieve or earn it because that’s also it.

Isn’t it beautiful that there’s absolutely nothing you can do about this? And there’s also nothing you can not do. Either way, this is it, whatever that feels like for you.

PS: In this spirit, the Gathering is an already enlightened space, which means there’s nothing we feel the urge to teach or to do in regard of leading or getting you anywhere nor to help you fix things in order to become a better version of yourself or what not. We leave all of that up to you and want to simply invite you to relax into being just yourself together with a few other wonderful people.

PS: I just stumbled upon a video of J. Krishnamurti and I was never really focussed enought to sit through a full talk of his but this is just beautiful. Enjoy:

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The Gathering is a group for people who want to explore the question “Who am I?” in a supportive environment. There is no specific agenda or goal.