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One of the four main questions of an Enlightenment Intensive is the question “What is life?” Like any other question in an EI or similar seminars there’s of course no real answer to it. These questions are basically Koans. I have to say that I’m unable to describe what a Koan is other than that it is a question that has no answer but is still worth exploring. Digging into the question what is life is an amazing journey. When I say “amazing” I include horrifying, disgusting, painful and anything on the dark spectrum of experience as much as all the lovely experiences one can have.

There’s nothing that needs to be excluded from what arises with this question, it includes every thing. And I absolutely don’t understand life at all because life can’t be understood. I’m sometimes experiencing life like a bird with spread wings gliding over the surface a calm lake, its body just milimeters above the water but not touching it. In fact, it’s impossible for the bird to touch it. The tension that I feel when I put myself into the body of the bird is one of endless “answers” to “What is life?” What is yours?

Feel what is life, here and now.

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The Gathering is a group for people who want to explore the question “Who am I?” in a supportive environment. There is no specific agenda or goal.