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We offer Gatherings of different length. The idea is not to withdraw from life to achieve another state of consciousness but to live life as it presents itself to us. The longer the Gathering, the calmer the mind, the clearer the view. That’s all.

Upcoming Gatherings

Mini Gatherings

UPDATE: We currently do not offer any mini-Gatherings. We are looking for a new location.
Take a deep breath and enjoy a break from hectic life in Berlin at our Mini-Gatherings in Berlin. Join us for two 30-min meditation sessions in our 90-min meetup, leaving with a refreshed mind and an experience you haven’t made yet. Check whether or not the Mini-Gathering is taking place as we occasionally have to cancel an event and don’t want you to stand in front of closed doors. The event will be held in both German and English.

Every Sunday
Next Gathering: Coming Soon
No Location Yet
12 EUR

Photography: Janine Sametzky

Half-Day Gatherings

Experience the power of the Gathering in this half-day long event. 5-6 hours will already give you a good taste of what a week long Gathering would be like. The events usually last from 11am until 5pm and of course you won’t go hungry. We’ll provide you with simple but delicious food.

2-3 times a year
Next 1-Day Gathering: ~April 2024 in Utrecht
70 EUR (Utrecht) covering seminar fee, one meal and tea

Photography: Janine Sametzky

The Main Gathering

A week without any distractions fully dedicated to the one question “Who am I?” in which everything is taken care of by our loving and experienced team. This is a true re-treat, if you get what I mean.

NONNA Hof is a charming retreat center 30mins from the Baltic Sea, just 2 hours from Berlin. We’ll help arrange affordable group transportation from Berlin to NONNA.

2 times a year
Next Gathering: 02 – 08 Sep 2024
NONNA Hof, Wietstock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany (View on Google Maps)
Group size: 6-18max
700 EUR covering seminar fee, food & accommodation

About the Gathering

Typical Day

We will have about 17 dyads (=partner sessions) per day, with short breaks and different kinds of meditations in between. Meditation here means doing things with heightened awareness. There will be walking meditations, eating meditations, a short working meditation, and just staying in silence here and there. You will also have the possibility to do yoga or exercise or rest or meditate during the day. However, there will be no entertainment of any kind, so no books, drawing, journals or cell phones and such.

Important Note

Outside of the dyads we will all be silent, which also means there will be no physical contact or eye contact but also no distraction by media of any kind. It is about an experience of self with as little distraction as possible. If you have any questions or struggle with something, you can always talk to us, of course

Day 1

4pm – Arrival
6pm – Dinner
7pm – Start of seminar
10pm – End of day

Day 2-5

6:00am-6:30am – Wake-Up
10pm – End of the day

Day 6

Integration day & end of silence. Time to digest, reflect, connect, sit back.

Day 7

7am – Breakfast
Cleanup until 12pm
12pm – Departure

About The Gathering

For most days you’ll work in dyads, meaning in couples with 9-16 other participants. For 40mins (duration of one dyad) you and your partner will give each other the following instruction: Feel who you are here and now. Partner A gives this instruction and then listens to partner B responding. Every five minutes, we’ll ring a bell and you change roles. Every new dyad you will change your partner. That’s basically it.

The cos for the week long Gathering lies at 700 EUR as of 2024. If you struggle financially, simply reach out to us. We’ll find a way to get you aboard.

The Gathering is a group for people who want to explore the question “Who am I?” in a supportive environment. There is no specific agenda or goal.