The Gathering

The Gathering is, well, a gathering of people who feel called by the question Who am I? and who want to explore and experience its meaning in a safe, caring and supportive environment. There is no other agenda, philosophy or theory behind this approach. There is also no goal and nothing to fix or to improve in this seminar. 

We offer  weekly Mini-Gatherings at Yellow Yoga, Mariannenstra├če 48 every Sunday 13:00-14:15 hrs and from March 2023 onwards we'll also offer whole-day and 3-day Mini-Gatherings so that you can slowly approach this pretty powerful experience. Contact us if you are interested in participating in those.
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About The Gathering

For most days you'll work in dyads, meaning in couples with 9-16 other participants (and a mirror). For 40mins (duration of one dyad) you and your partner will give each other the following instruction: Feel who you are here and now. Partner A gives this instruction and then listens to partner B responding. Every five minutes, we'll ring a bell and you change roles. Every new dyad you will change your partner. That's basically it.
The Gathering itself will always be free. We only charge for food, cook, accommodation and a rental car. the cost for that  lies around 600 EUR as of 2023. We, Michael and Lydia, will always also pay our own food and accommodation. If you struggle financially, simply reach out to us. We'll find a way to get you aboard. And you are also free to pay more than what is asked for to help us help others that were less fortunate.
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02.10.-09.10.2023 in Meck-Pomm
Meck Pomm
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