We Are All Connected - The Tokkoh

Easter 2022 I participated in the Tokkoh. It was the first time and the last time because one can only take part once. I immediately loved that idea and it really wouldn't make any sense to do it more than once.

The Tokkoh was brought to me by someone who read about the Gathering and said that it reminded her of the Tokkoh. I was of course curious and didn't need to hear much. The fact that it's reasonably priced at 600 EUR for 8 days and a one time experience already spoke for it.

The nearer the Tokkoh came though I felt some resistance. I hurt my back and my little toe and felt a bit tired thinking of the long journey.  I had also unfortunately watched a documentary about it which I didn't find too convincing even though it was in good spirit but it felt basically like watching a mediocre movie of an excellent book. And many of those who participated with me came due to it so I'll post it at the bottom of this post.

Interestingly all my ailments were gone or forgotten once I arrived at the place where the Tokkoh would take place.

What followed were 8 deeply moving days of opening my heart and witnessing wonderful organizers and assistants who rested deeply in themselves.

I could see how it resembles the Gathering yet it is of course at the same time fundamentally different from it. While the Gathering is really all about experiencing yourself in the framework of a group, you don't actively socialize there as that would only distract you from feeling who you are. In the Tokkoh, socializing is a fundamental part of the experience and it's "aiming" at experiencing how we are all connected in a very physical sense by the way not in a meta physical way.

Don't take these words as the truth. I really just try to put into words what can't be described. It's 6 weeks later now and I'm still deeply touched by the Tokkoh and it's organizers. I feel a deep connection with everything that I don't need to make any sense of and which influences the way I approach life.

My warmest recommendation. And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me and we'll just have a lovely chat with each other. I won't share any details about the program as it really lives from you not knowing what expects you there but I can say safely that there was not a single moment of embarrassment or awkwardness, there was no teaching and I never felt forced to do anything and I enjoyed every single person there - we were 20 people in total.

They also occasionally offer Tokkohs in English so if your German isn't too good, write them an email asking for the next event in English.

Here's their website: https://www.tokkoh.ch/was-ist-tokkoh/

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